Sample Letter #3

08:39 - 05/04/2017

Sample Letter #3

Last year Doe Employment Agency placed you in a sales management position and we'd like to congratulate you again on your personal achievement.

We're sure you'd like to know about an exciting development at Doe Employment Agency that can help you excel in a most difficult area of sales management ... recruiting salespeople who will succeed.

We would like to introduce the new Doe Sales Personnel Screening Service.

This unique service will screen sales trainees who have the proper attitudes and motivation for success in sales. And, because of our relationship with you, this service is discounted by one-third.

How can Doe Employment Agency do this? The answer is simple. (List benefits of your program.)

You save time and money by continuing your relationship with Doe. You no longer need to advertise for new salespeople or use other expensive placement services. And, since all applicants are screened and trained by us, you never waste time interviewing unqualified people.

We will contact you soon to discuss our new service and your sales personnel needs.